one mo' gen

whutITdo_POTnah!$ GoneBefore,

the detractors
come in all sizes, shapes and colors
(like Y'all said)

insisting I bow down to them
like they did to Y'all 'fore Y'all escorted them to hell

why they choose to try me
i conclude is 'cause of what they interpret as lazy
'cause Y"all keep me stunning
as they keep looking through they backward prisms trying to phrase me

and A Thank The Almighty for working ears
but it be a BITCH all times when them A can't help but hear

but they ain't ne'er bought ma clothes
so Ma Soul don't listen when they talk 'bout what A wear

this past week, same ole thang, they came from all sides
placing obstacles of non-cents conversation in Ma Path, trying to break Ma Stride

not knowing Am made of
Your Hobbled Ankles, Wounded Knees and Whupped Crooked Humped Backs
if A do stumble 'cross they Bull and Cow Shit, it ain't nuttin' but fertilizer for Ma Art

so A took in HerStory, then His
and retarded they reality still is
(like Y'all said)

The President’s Speech in Cairo: A New Beginning

The President’s Speech in Cairo:
A New Beginning

A Century of Ages: Ma Blues Highway

4 decades of thoughts of driving from Mississippi to New Orleans to Chicago then taking Route 66 to Central Avenue, Los Angeles in a 1950s drop-top Pink Cadillac, with Sweet Southern Soul Jazzing Ma Radio Dial, in Amazon-Ganja-Green ADIDAS™ Head to Toe, hat titled to the "GOOD FOOT" (right side), phat laces making the stripes on Ma Whites caressing the three on the floor, Silver-Back paw ringing the stick, General Motors filing for bankruptcy AND a twitter conversation with a newly found ArtBruh are the parents of this posts.

The 5 Stages of Aging

1. New out the Showroom with the new car smell.
Ages:- Conception/Birth to 20

2. Used.
Ages:- 21 to 40

Ages:- 41 to 60

4. Classic
Ages:- 61 to 80

5. Vintage
Ages:- 81 to 100

I took great Pride at 2 years old in being called Woman-ish by My Mother. And four decades later, I must confess, it was then i made an unconscious pledge to -ish ON! This has resulted in a 42 year old Toddler, who to quote a character from The Red Green Show, "has grown older but not grown up."

My early Childhood SUNday afternoons with Granny and Her WomanFrens sitting at the head of Station Street in Dieppe Bay, (a Town in St. Paul's Cappesterre Parrish in The Independent Federation of St. Kitts-Nevis,) with Winnie selling roasted peanuts, a quart (.25 cents) for an overflowing tin cup full and Them laughing, reflecting only pausing to tell me, "Chile, you is the reason they dont bury chi'ren wid Big People" only further served to cement my authority as being fully iin charge of my -ISHnest.

For this always indicated to me that whatever 'grown-up' thing they had just said in Papiamento or Our Native Kreyol, I had fully understood and was laughing my belly full along with them.

These Woman and Ma Uncle Ziekel, Granny's brother were Ma Frens. It never occured to me then and still seems wonder-filled that they were not 2 years old like me, but in 1969 were People born in the late 19th and early 20th century. Nor did I ever think and at this stage ever will think of MaSelf as anything other than short for Ma age. (I am 5' 6", 5' 7" if you rest the ruler atop Ma Nappy Tresses and only Alex, MaNephew is shorter than me. The other four, 12, 13, 22 and 25 have all snickered away my requests to STOP GROWING. As of this post, I have not made such an inquiry of Alex. But I am ready, He turned 2 last month.)

Since the age of 6, I have had the pleasure and delight to live in, discover and be embraced by the Culture and People of Carriacou, Grenada Grenadines; Palmetto Points, another village in St.Kitts-Nevis; Brooklyn, New York; St.Croix, United States Virgin Islands; Pittsburh, Pennsylvania; Opa Locka, Florida; (Carol City) Miami Gardens, Florida and Seattle, WA.

Along my travels I have island hopped by LIAT (Leeward Islands Air Transport) through out the Eastern Caribbean, vacationed in Bermuda and most major Cities in Canada. Those journeys always involved planes, but it was my childhood wish to one day hop a locolotive hauliing sugar cane to the factory in Basseterre that makes my travels by train via AMTRAK all across America, the most exciting of all my jaunts. Sharing this podium in an almost tie are the trips by public bus, where they connect one town, county or somtimes state to another. The Beautiful people I see, the Life-Love filled conversations I eavesdrop quietly on and the all out gossip I barge into cannot be compared.

My future goals include thumbing my way from truck stop to truck stop by Big Rig and exploring from Appalachia to The Adirondacks in A Winnebago before settling into a two room Country Cottage, like the one I shared with My Granny until the age of 6, in Vermont just in time for The Fall of Autumn's Leafy Bounty.

But this is supposed to be about Cars and how I have long used their cute pet names as barometers to describe different stages of Human age. So what was it I started out to say.

Oh, Life begins when You feel it dawning and 'ends' like a sunset, just dipping below the Horizon, having thought gone by those viewing from The East and been thought coming by those in The West.

Always Remember Aliyah, "Age ain't nothing but a number."

And like all the Big Bodies with the grills in the 1950s, the ultra sleek sporty muscles of the 1960s and the last of the Steel Land Yachts of the 1970s, some roll Vintage off the assembly line by train and big rigs into the showroom.

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Meditation Solution

I found this fascinating quote today:

Have you ever been under extreme stress? More than likely you have because we all must deal with stress at some point in our lives. Stress is generally very difficult to deal with and it causes us to lose our control. We will experience our breathing becomes labored, harsh, and intense. This makes calming down difficult because we cannot calm down until we gain control of our breathing patterns. Conversely, if we develop the learned skill of breath control, we can reduce many of the effects stress has on us. Thankfully, a few simple steps can help us become more in control of our breathing. This, in turn, will allow us to gain more from our Zen meditation sessions.Meditation Solution, Apr 2009

You should read the whole article.

moving movement happen

Ma Soul was fed 2day, a dose of anti-troubles
and with this meal went the pangs of sucking bubbles;
who front as Artistes seeking A Family of Friends,
but only intend for all to gather and idolize them.
without begging, prompting or a plea,
two appeared and gifted me, LOVE!

think i will name it, "moving movement happen" tyvm @iangoole
and it with great honor and respect, i invite you to share with me.

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what now?

where does soul run to hide
not from life but to stay alive

wandering mind
caught in wind stream
booming out chatterbox

am so weary

I AM MY ENEMY (Certified)


George Tiller Killed: Abortion Doctor Shot At Church
(God Bless The Dead and Us ALL) 16:39PDT

My Daily Twittascope - (auto-post 17:05PDT)

No Mercy
by Mary Mapes
"I felt just sick today when I saw the bulletin about the murder of Dr. George Tiller." 17:24PDT

George Tiller was a Mass-Murderer, says Randall Terry
founder of Operation Rescue 17:30PDT

Christian Defense Coalition Condemns Shooting of Dr. George Tiller 17:33PDT

Christian Fundamentalist Terrorism
by Shannyn Moore 17:35PDT


May We all be gifted the self-respect to talk with and listen to each other in order to foster positivity and progress in Our Country. 18:03PDT

POTnah!$, I am grateful for You. Apart HUMANITY has no meaning. May We continue talking WITH and LISTENing to each other. 18:08PDT

HUMANITY and all in HUMANITY is for all of HUMANITY to share with HUMANITY. -wordslingAH, Da Kid!- 18:12PDT

The time is NOW to severe all ties & favoritism of ANY and ALL Religions from The Government and Governance of The United States of America. 18:14PDT

LOVE and HATE are the two halves of The Circle Of PASSION. 18:21PDT

Those who misuse Love to generate Hate and/or benefit financially, while taking no responsibility for consequences, must be brought to trial 18:23PDT

Those who misuse Passion and Principles to tear at the fabric of Our Souls are guilty of treason against HUMANITY.. 18:26PDT

As A Simple Woman and Artiste, I call upon ALL EXTREMISTS to ceasefire for your own sakes. This is My First AND Only warning shot. 18:30PDT

RT @THEREALBANNER Check this video out -- Def Poetry - David Banner - What About Us? 18:36PDT

& back from commercial break, closing with full disclosure, while i hold dear all i just tweeted. Am NOt a pacifist, Am A PIECEofFIST! 18:41PDT

May all that is good be with you, should We meet and I find myself compelled to repeat my humble request. Good Night, cindy adrienne quashie 18:45PDT

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I AM MY ENEMY (Certified) 08:30PM PDT