To Commemorate U*S* 233rd, I bring back: Myth #60: next year, Amma be twenty-three

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you may approach my face to get yours knocked off in contest
or stay fifty feet and let the pressure blow your mind as you detest

for it was there in public for all to see
but i alone had right to look, for it was addressed to me

Am a Ole Broad with Young Chick Attitude
and only maself to ask permission, should A feel like getting rude

but that is a non-starter with no fucking point
to A Lady who cant be put or taken, so A gotta throw Ma Own Ass out The Joint

Stunning is A Habit, A cant afford
for doing mall retail like Y'all makes me bored

and Am here on twitwall right nah, just because
of Soul Flow to A G from Da D, who hallered U GO GURL with great applause

then aint like She paying but gone come tell me
Darling, could You write that down for me?

To Her I confessed this about The Art of ma Poetry
A lack the skill to do it twice verbatimly

that last word self-issued from A Pure Artiste since dawn of Life
trust me, dont waste time hating on wordslingAH, Da Kid!'s BrokePimpStyles

'cause at the moment of conception, A achiened hatah-quota
and Folk who'll never have enough, A can recommend to Yah

But back to Da G from Da D
where once upon a time from American Steel
was built American Cars driven by Americans
all across The American Land
then one day down at Port of Miami
approach a ship fulla cars from sea
and as it docked, A's like whut da fuck
Americans cars delivered to Florida by boat
and once again staring back at me was the same dumb shit
massa aint do none the work, but still taking all the percentages, no split
not with native-slave, indentured-servant or share-cropper
but then expect me to come to the dealer-ship as a shopper
for massa had done, like in 1865, another cost/benefit analysis
ensuring the pennies he nah had to pay all US, would rotate back and be his

(wanna know why there's a trillion dollar deficit? cause you indentured servants still aint paid off your tickets, you outside the walls causing him legal fees demand your share of crop profits, and even he know he cant pay A ZAMBO-NEGA with Her own money, so that talk 'bout reparations, A aint even taking part. for come rain or shine, massa gone get his money, and he been effectively doing so by dividing WE. Check the Wall Street Bailout and it's plain to see, one way or another massa gone get ALL the money. Either by ALL A US working for free, or getting taxed to death to prop up his failed companies. Patriort who founded Black Wall Street was a VP in New YAWK, but He got fired for doing a revised blueprint talk, so when they GAPped OKLAHOMA and was just a few bodies, AMERICA, massa, for His unearned money, done shown he will nuclear ALL R WE! And that wimp of a tea-bEggar aint going down without a fight
(LMFAO) lQQk how he carrying on with his blight, just 'cause POTUS a sharecropper-indentured servant-native slave non-massa white)

Lemme try hop back on this internet train WE built with WE THE PUBLIC money,
then gotta pay massa to tweet on OurSpace, they called THEIR ISPs

Ma G from Detroit tell me, next gone be She
for The Business-Man She work for cant get ONE of massa banks to give HE
a line of credit so He could relay
to His Loyal GrindAH!$, an HONEST DAY PAY


with Resourcefulness YET to be tapped and displayed, so why worry

about massa house BURNING and he aint got no more cents to put it out
or how A BROKE PIMP Living in Da NorthWest, stay ugly with Her Dirty $OUTH!

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is the largest and newest federal territory of Canada; it was separated officially from the Northwest Territories on April 1, 1999 via the Nunavut Act[5] and the Nunavut Land Claims Agreement Act,[6] though the actual boundaries had been established in 1993. The creation of Nunavut – meaning "our land" in Inuktitut – resulted in the first major change to Canada's map since the incorporation of the new province of Newfoundland in 1949.

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July 01, 2009

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