12.27.09 07:49PM PST

  1. My Person Of The Year and The Decade is #NEDA! May God's Good Grace Continue to Guide Our Grind. -cindy adrienne quashie- aka ~BROKE~
  2. gone be a Blue Moon soon, and so many, many, cannot count the many howls of women, children, men not able to be heard from war grounds.
  3. this is why i cannot discuss reparations, for you cannot pay me like you owe me with my own money. am a Broke Pimp, that ain't gone work
  4. how the hell, am posed to wait 'til you done using up Mother earth to 'inherit' what belong to me?
  5. that stuff about the meek inheriting the Earth was written in 1641, 'bout a million years after God said THIS WORLD IS MINE!
  6. this decade ain't seen nothing but a whole generation slain in vain, for what? So, one set of conquering marauders can uphold another set?
  7. i said SAUDI ARABIA, everybody seem to know the king, ask him where them fewls family stay at and pay a call on they ass.
  8. and anybody talking about 'don't go into Mecca' DO NOT BRING HUMAN'S HONEST THEOLOGY into an evil, vile, criminal discussion.
  9. @InvasiveNotes it is carnival in Ma BornLand, Celebration of Life, so I am doing foods, lol. Today a tomato slice ;)
  10. It is my hope that just pissed you off. Welcome, for I am seething at the Way My Blue Collar Neighbors of The Muslim Faith are treated.
  11. What do Sons of Nigerian Bankers and Saudi Kings have in profiling common? They are TERRORISTS!
  12. now A NIGERIAN lands in Detroit and We are headed for Yemen.
  13. i am still waiting to hear from SAUDI ARABIA about SAUDI ARABIANS murdering Americans on 9-11
  14. for a second time this decade, foreign royals attack US and US go another country's 'peasants'.
  15. Richie Spice - The Plane Land http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WA9Jd45cMrc since 9-11, this is what it's like for Caribbeans arriving in US