Request to @USAID_HAITI for re-consideration of‘NYPD’ as ‘FORCE’ to ‘TRAIN’ Haitian Police Agencies. @USAID_NEWS @whitehouse

Request to @USAID_HAITI for re-consideration of‘NYPD’ as ‘FORCE’ to ‘TRAIN’ Haitian Police Agencies. @USAID_NEWS @whitehouse

The Strength Of America, Land Of Free Braves, is A Most Ancient Birth Grounded by and in Americans, Natives, Slaves and Immigrants. And never does Our Statue Of Liberty’s Torch Shine like A Lighthouse beacon than when We, the most diverse Nation On Mother Earth come together to ACT in The Name Of Our Nation’s Blessings by Expressions of Kindness to Our Fellow Global Citizens.

The Earthquake in The Republic Of Haiti touches US not just as Humans but As Neighbors in The Americas. And while Our First Natural Instinct is to get the most convenient resources and get to Assisting in Relief, We cannot allow this Good Intent to falter by using poor judgment as far as long term involvement in The ongoing Commitment to Our Neighbors in The Independent Republic of Haiti.

The ‘FBI’ and ‘NYPD’ may be located right next door to Your Offices of Decision making. This Proximity will never translate into what is best for America and or Our Commitment to The Haitian People as far as rebuilding A Viable Sustainable Functioning Committed Law Enforcement Entity in The Republic is concerned.

I write to ask that You consider The Diverse Fabric that makes US America and put Our very best On The Ground.

We are Blessed with Born, Resident and Citizen Americans of Haitian, French Canadian, St. Lucian and Other former French Colonial Connection Countries from across The Globe within Our Retired and Active Duty Military, National Law Enforcement Agencies and Police Departments.

Law Enforcement is best and worst known for The Knowledge and Understanding of The Humans it polices. Norms, Mores, Heritage are all necessary, though now complete indicates of success when embarking upon Law Enforcement duties.

Likewise, blind contracts and authority handed out to the 'infamous' largest' 'corporations' be they private or public have and are proving to be counter-productive to The Intended Good Will Of Americans at Home and Abroad.

I am suggesting A Notice be sent to recruit Our best and brightest Americans Of The Aforementioned Heritages to come forward. And then under the Leadership Of A Highly Respected Non-Partisan Career Civil Servant from The Federal Bureau of Investigations be trained to go forth To The Republic of Haiti and Represent Americans as additional compliment to The United States Relief and Long Term Efforts.

We Americans, with Our Already Shown Generosity to Haiti Relief are constantly questing for what more We can do. And I can think of nothing better, than A Team consisting of Our best from All Our Villages, Towns, Suburbs, Cities representing US in aiding and assisting Our Neighbors in The Independent Republic of Haiti in establishing A Law Enforcement Agency that in The Fine Established Traditions of Freedom of The Haitian People will serve as example to US and The Rest Of Mother Earth.

I thank You all For Your consideration fo my thoughts,

Sincerely –cindy adrienne quashie- (BornName)


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