Twitter is Me and I Tweet therefore I AM!

from IRC (Internet Relay Chat) to aol (never paid for that shit) to YAHOO's Geocities, then the barrage of GUI & REAL TIME interactive social networks that sprung up like weeds, A've been there and done that.

Am also the proud owner of an Underwood typewriter and someone who has JingleKeys on this fancy typewriter with the t.v. screen, so those typing sounds that made me first fall in love with ICQ give melodious harmony to my web surfing.

I had heard about Twitter, but it was Rachael Maddow after getting Her own television show on MSNBC, mentioning Twitter that made me take the plunge.

AND I LOVE IT!!!!!!!

and this is my latest tweet

wordslingAH Twitter is being able to travel back in time to the Internet's Promising start while simultaneously beholding its most Rewarding future.
less than 5 seconds ago from web

as a comment to LL COOL J's myspace blogpost

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Those we love and those we hate
Those we love and those we hate are a mirror of our selves.

I believe PASSION is A CIRCLE that is 180 degrees of LOVE and 180 degrees of HATE. Now this most powerful of Human emotion and its two equal parts cannot be expressed without total and complete approval of The Human doing the expressing. A've been BLESSED for 22 years now to have nephews that leave me without need for a mirror to reflect My BEAUTY for I can just look at or close my eyes and recall Their Regal handsomeness. Add 20 more years to that and it is 42 that I have been unable to avoid that I am Human and possess and am capable of fully expressing my other half of PASSION. SmoOoches I LOVE! SomaMoja wordslingAH

Posted by ♰I♥CHIEF44♰ 04.01.88 on April 1, 2009 - Wednesday 1:52 PM

A Fool For an April Good Friday

04.01.1988 is my second BornDay
01.15.67 is my first

and i am somewhat anxious and trying not to be overwhelmed knowing general myasthenia gravis had it's way with me from my birth for 21 years and 21 years after that i am still here. Dr, God Good Grace, Am gonna assume You know what Am doing right.

i could use a cup of bush tea on Station Street. Thank I'll go grab some chocolate milk and smile.