Music in Madness

Those whose PASSION cannot stir HEARTS
Those without PASSION to impart

Those whose lives are full of dread
Those whose mission is to infect The Rest

Those who suckle, 'til Your SOUL runs dry
Then feast off marrow where Your dead bones lie

Those who think it's as easy as it seems
Pleasing the many with entertainment martinis

Those who hound to idolitarize
Then chuck You quick when You wish not for those eyes

Those whose own failing they cannot bear
Those who blame others because they cannot prevail

Those who question every blink of Your eyelids
Then are vexed when You refuse to sit still

Those without dreams and goals to accomplish and achieve
Scoff Your efforts and strides to SUCCEED

Those for whom misery is the ceiling of their happiness
Hauntingly stalk to invite You into their doom-nest

Those who demand Your undivided attention
And encored applause at their self-limited potential

Those who harp on Your FLAWS and IMPERFECTIONS
Incapable of LOVING Nature's Natural Exquisite Selections

Those who spend star bucks to snort coffee and injection nicotine cigarettes
While judging the Marijuana in Your Herbal Medicine Cabinet

Those who say follow my god or die
Purporting to speak for The Almighty on High

Those who speak of first, third worlds and three major world religions
placing their egos between You and clean air at every intersection

Denying the belief, question or not believe choices given
To ALL HUMANITY for the choosing

Demanding Your Help to hoe, when Your own Row You need seed
Afraid to accept consequence for the ways they perceive

Those spending time pondering why Crazy works to keep me Sane at Heart
Waste Life Criticizing One whose Life's Natural Talent is ART.

E SomaMoja ZuriAsali QUASHEBA XI
2009©cindyadriennequashie (BornName)


Disco ball close up. Taken by Dr Haggis on 18S...Image via Wikipedia

MICHAEL, You're now THE ANGEL denied as lucy parlayed YOU like a minion. At last, FOREVER with YOUR TRUE PAPA, James Brown. R*I*P*

(TY DA*D 4 get'n & put'n that disco ball in the living room, bec I was too young to go to the teen disco) Michael JacksonOff The Wall "

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Neda Burial Site

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تصوير مزار ندا آقا سلطان شهيد راه آزادي در بهشت زهراي تهران که روز شنبه 30 خرداد تحت تدابير امنيتي شديد و بدون اجازه برگزاري مراسم در خفا به خاک سپرده شد

Neda was buried under heavy censorship of media and no one was present

These are the first images from her burial site. The government did not allow to hold any funeral for her and buried her silently in unknown position. Her burial site was just revealed.

She is the face to the Iran protest movement, shoot to heart and killed by Bajij militia forces of government in Tehran protests, 20jun

Burial site: Tehran, Behesht Zahra, grid=257, row=41, num=32

Head stone says: ندا آقا سلطان - قطعه 257 - رديف 41 - شماره 32

The head stone is the temporary one which is used before installing the permanent one

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Son of Shah supports protestors - Jookos Video News -

Son of Shah supports protestors - Jookos Video News -

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