stay IN Busy. stay OUT jail

(because Sereau worrying why as Una cries)

smoking fogs toking
where night never ends or falls
arrows hopes broken
wheels churning hearts haul to where
toking fogs smoking

smoking fogs toking
where to haul hearts churning wheels
broken hopes arrows
falls or ends never night where
toking fogs smoking


Human Rights Activist
abducted on 15 July 2009 from her home in Grozny, Chechnya and murdered.

You can walk like a lamb and shine like a star, when the lion... on Twitpic
You can walk like a lamb and shine like a star,
when the lion in you guards who you are.

#NOH8 #Just♥

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Tropical Bird of Paradise

Bird of Paradise FlowerImage by Vanessa Pike-Russell via Flickr

(n) an individual, group, organization or corporation working tirelessly and honestly in their endeavors in Twitterverse and as a result achieve often-envied success along with earned Deserved Respect and Adoration.
7/14/2009 11:09:27 PM PDT ©cindyadriennequashie

Individuals utilize Twitter to inform, engage, educate and to be informed by, engage with and learn from The Gathering of Humanity accessing the world wide web. By so doing, they have blossomed into and are flourishing as A Community, fondly referred to as Twitterverse. As in other internet and non-internet communities, in Twitterverse, one encounters every variance of Humanity that is known to crawl Earth. And this is where my thought begins expression.

Twitter has Circles of Respect and Mutual Admiration Societies and is also not immune from cults of idolatry.

The issue I have as one in The Twitterverse is the ‘suggested follow list’.

In my opinion, it is NOT a Circle of Respect or A Mutual Admiration Society.

It is A Cult of Idolatry.

As one who did not seek but was in the running and wound up voted Most Popular in High School, I have long been aware of this fact.

Each clique secretly wants to be in and/or loved by the other.

See when voting time came every clique voted for their leader and then for me as second runner-up. Do the math. Head of the ‘cool-kids’ and ‘nerd-kids,’ each got ten (10) votes. I got 20. BUT, this also meant they each had nine (9) friends while I only had twenty (20) acquaintances.

I was 17 years old then.

“MONEY changes everything. “ –Cyndi Lauper-

At 42, the cool-kids on Twitter are Corporate-Entertainment Celebrities and celebutantes famous for auditioning for “BASIC INSTINCT” everywhere their publicists alert the paparazzi they will appear; the nerd-kids now Own Corporations that provide the information technology that keep those corporations the cool-kids are employed by running.

“MO’ MONEY, MO” PROBLEMS” – Notorious B.I.G.

Those who do not seek popularity or welcome it when trusted upon them, now as they were then in high school, are so because “THEY RESPECT THEMSELVES.” So respecting others that they meet along Life’s Journey is effortless like breathing, something not thought about unless one is choking. The familiarity of everyone knowing your name carries the pain of knowing every hello is followed by “can you do that thing you do so well for me?”

We know Our Worth.

We also know the price is an answer that ‘card-carrying members of cliques in good standing’ dare not question.

THE PAIN:- Living Your Live and Loving The Life You are Living to the very best understanding of Your Reason for Being must at some point be compromised. It is either that or the ‘cliques’ will suck Your Soul dry.

The compromises are as unique as The Individual Beings who must consider and then decide whether or not to act upon the conclusion of their considerations in the best interest of their Soul’s Serenity.

Me, A just let it do whut it does and if it hurt A cry.

Am an Artiste and Passion is calling, but before A exit, A ask this favor.
Think about how much You can gain and grow from The Circles of Respect and in Societies of Mutual Admiration. Cancel Your subscriptions to Cults of Idolatry.

-cindy adrienne quashie (BornName) @Planet3rdRock
-wordslingAH, Da Kid from BROKE PIMP $TYLE$™ STUDIO- @BrokePimpStyles
- E SomaMoja ZuriAsali QUASHEBA XI (SoulName) @SomaMoja (locked)

7/14/2009 11:09:27 PM PDT ©cindyadriennequashie

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Tällberg Forum 2009 - WebTV - On Demand

Tällberg Forum 2009 - WebTV - On Demand

July 13, 2009 - This Day In MA STORY:

A WISE LATINA, The FIRST NATIVE AMERICAN SUPREME COURT JUSTICE using The Southern Manners and Good Social Graces, that This Land of FREE BRAVES, From Alaska to Argentina, known The World over for, taught those conquering marauding false patriarchs, who crashed on OUR SHORES, poor, tired, hungry and unaware that Planet3rdRock is ROUND, 'round hurr, "FIDELITY TO THE LAW!"

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