Full Disclosure about Da Kid!, wordslingAH


this passage
and its many stages
come from the blueprint
on MA DNA with all the hints
of who I be

and the journey path really rocky
being me

the pain so real
difficult to detail
(to those with persecuting questions
and unwelcomed suggestions)
haunts me so intensely
i find pleasure in its cruelty

and for being born with the ability to embrace ma CRAZY
they of the absurd pomposity
accuse me of insanity
for ignoring their inquiries
into the ways I DO ME!

It is thru ma BROKEN NERVES

that you comprehend LIFE IN THIS WORLD.

(no need to thank me,
I aint, wont and dont do for thee)

08:14pm pdt, 05.22.2009©cindyadriennequashie

I am Good!

Pure Artistic Expression
and It's Undeniable Truth
Birthed in The Midst

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Thank you!
cindy adrienne quashie (BornName)

mon daze

i went where i needed to go

tomorrow i will try again

i am good

the youthful smile on my face

oh you thought this rhyme was done for you