there are days of joy, from which you can live forever, just by closing your eyes to the pain you're seeing, and remember, it is on those days, that along come demons and infect your system, so that somewhere in the joy, you beginning to feel the stab in your heart, your soul falling apart, and you're left helpless to do nothing but cry 10.24.08 09:12pm, pdt ©cindyadrienne quashie (government name, but not for much longer)

MIssing Miss Esther

Granny, i went to the ballot drop box today and placed your ballot in there. i had been meaning to change my name for years, but i was too scared to. and i am now happy i waited because when we last spoke, you knew me as cindy. while i am NEVER (I PRAY TO GOD) EVER going to stop being your GrandChile, i am going to change my name to SomaMoja ZuriAsali QUASHEBA. Soma (see), Moja (one), Zuri (cute), Asali (honey) are all kiswahili words, and QUASHEBA, an Akan word is the feminine form of Quashie, meaning Girl Child Born ON A SunDay.

I have developed a well documented ARTISTE reputation with pen names; previously as Cin D Quashie, then Ghettoink, then CnD Adrienne Quashie, and now wordslingAH, Da Kid!.

Ghettoink will go on connected to wordslingAH Da Kid!.

Cin D Quashie, i won't miss because it always seemed creatively lazy.

CnD Adrienne Quashie, however, came on The Wind to Ma Soul with The Meaning, Creative and Divinely Artistic Child Born On A Sunday. SO A'll always LOVE that one.

However, Dr. God Good Grace Willing, I am and will be on all of my government documentation SomaMoja ZuriAsali QUASHEBA.

But You can always call me Cindy, because the Sugar Cane Juice that sweetened those words whenever they flowed from Your Being are THE REASON I know I have always been SeeOne CuteHoney GirlChildBornOnASunday.

Now let r'we discuss EMPRESS. This is because I never like Ms, I did want to have a family but the notion of becoming a Mr s (and that space is deliberate) scares me now as I type. AND after all the cow&bull shit that i no longer allow to pile up and choke me, I am not even going to provide any fewl an opening to ask me why I choose to use 'Miss.' I do not have tome to explain that I was born before Ms became fashionable and allowed.

So I am going with EMPRESS, just plain E for short.

Your Da'Lin GrandChile,
4EVA messing wid U rose bush,
E SomaMoja ZuriAsali QUASHEBA
(my fren dem call me Ms Buford D Bumpkin) LOL


an apology to THE ALMIGHTY

i spent a great deal of my life living in anyway that i thought people related to me directly by dna and blood would love me because my living met their specifications and was in line with their requirements ans thus they approved.

well, i stopped. but maybe because i did it for so long, they still think that i am doing it. that is of no concern to my being and could never again be, if i tried to make it so.

next to my talent and Miss Esther Pemberton, the most valuable gift that The Almighty bequeathed me with is this life of mine.

So Dr. God Good Grace, i come before you now to apologize for having been so wasteful.

wordslingAH, Da Kid!
Ms Buford D Bumpkin to Ma Frens:)

now I am off to The King County Court website to download a name change form. 'Cause A ain't changing Ma Soul for no bitch crawling the planet. But this outfit i currently still sport, just for governmental purposes, is hereby decommissioned.

Miss Esther Pemberton's GrandChile voted

cindy a. quashie,
( VOTER ID: 980176266, PRECINCT: SEA 36-2795,
at 01:17PM, PDT 10.23.2008,

and if you fuck wid ma ballot, Amma do da same $hit agin.

counting Ma Blessings

thank God Am crazy
thank God Am crazy
or A would be insane

in this world where killing is free
water and love costs money

crazy works for me
crazy works for me
it makes sure A don't go insane