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My Brother LOVES Me

oh it didn't just start today,
He always has.

(even when I did not want to share
Granny's lap with Him.)

I LOVE My Brother

oh it didnt just start today,
I always have.

(even when He smiled His brand new gums, sharing
Granny's lap with Me.)

I LOVE My Brother LOVES Me.

I am Blessed.

Reaction to court ruling on same sex marriage

Reaction to court ruling on same sex marriage

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as An American and Woman, My 2SUNS, John and Mitch fill me with Great Pride as 21st Civil Rights Activists. also as An American and Woman, I am besieged by sadness, afraid to face, that as far a journey My Country and My Fellow Country-Folk have traveled to make a Dream lovingly called AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL, A Living Reality for ALL, We would shoot Ourselves in The Very Feet, on which We journeyed all this way. It is My Lifelong Pledge to remain A Warrior until The Dream Lives, and I do hereby march on forward ever and will not stop until Civil Rights are Restored for Me, Ma 2SUNS, Our Country-Folk, Our AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL.


Happy Memorial Day,

in the Names of ALL those Gone


ALL those Yet to come,