i woke up and say it was a beautiful day

so instead of going out
i figured let the beauty come in
while i catch up on emails and such
that have piled up over the past couple days
while i have been engaged with my art

i shoulda just gone outside

i aint ne'er bin no club-hopper

gimme a juke joint
or honky tonk
where a bottle tossed
lets you know
your shit aint funky
and shit 'posed to be funky
so you betta play
some funky shit
or the next thing to get tossed
gone be you

and that's we gone hollah
man they some the best
ever did it
for the police gone come
haul us off from a fight
and the party wasnt right
that night 'til that fight
(as usual)

and the jukebox
only got three legs
for the owner put one
on the pinball machine
that dont work
but certain couples
like it for leaning
when they slow-dancing
and the owner in bidness
for clientele pleasing

'sides e'ry DrunkHard™
in there regular
know where he live

and aint no napkins
for the drinks dont come in
fancy glasses
so you write yo number
on ace of spades
after playing poker
and give it to
Dix y Chicks

and the next day when
your granddaddy come bail you out
you find out the mo'phhhhhhh
you was fighting
is his third cousin
auntie son

in a hole in the wall
a aint gotta act like a like you
or wanna live wid you
but you ma family

so despite ma best efforts
e'ry friday night
come thursday next
we clocking out the factory wid
POTnah!, you gone to the bar
tahmarraw night


02.06.09 04:21PM pacific ©cindyadriennequashie

he is love









and those are just some of the reasons why,

even though i know he is real,

i think i made him up


sum say a fall easy
sum say too quick

but the total of them talking
equals stupid sick

for LOVE
dont move with haste
LIFE just cant afford to waste


02.04.09 04:23pm pacific ©cindyadriennequashie


Internet Radio Fan 1.3.0
Giveaway of the Day


i dream of you
your mud, your blues
your people most
and the joy that floats
from they delta souls

and i hope
each day
that there will come one day
when my dream will come true
and i will be with you

just checking in

i am in a strange way been hibernating
i mean yes i have been writing and learning web stuff
and staying in touch with the beauty that is friends

but i did go to the store and stock up
on ch0colate milk, blueberry muffins
and other hibernating essentials
and i have been snuggled under blankets
getting daily fixes of spongbob squarepants
and the golden girls

i guess the tingle of guilt
comes from me
blogging elsewhere

so hibernating was just a poor attempt
at a goofy excuse

i will now take my failed trial
and go watch the last quarter
of the superbowl