they just got it

i sent it
a week ago

and now
the littlest one
calls to say
they just got it

and i find myself
back there

after i had taken
seven days
of steps
to get here

i will now
take a bath

to wash away the muck
clogging my pores
choking my skin
of being drawn back there

the hunt for steel pipe

i can't find my oliver wendell holmes' the autocrat
and i can get another
but i got that one for .75cents at a used book store
and it has a cloth like cover and some fine tissue
inside before the opening page
(it says it is a reprint)
but that ain;t it for me
whut it do
lemme know
a wordslingah was Chief Justice of The United States Supreme Court

and then there's the copies of each issue of freeground and southflo
that i was sure was in my bible
but they not
instead i found in between the second and first page
opening The Book Of Esther is a $20.00 bill,
that has been there since 1993 when i started my publishing company.

and it lived a long life
two years
seven copies
i dig those numbers there
and a still got a tweny-twen
with andrew small face on it

and then there is this fancy pipe i got
and for the life of me
i can't find
so i go looking for that two
and come across this file
that talks about this woman
and this fascinating bud art career
and all her press clippings and stuff,

(she on the cover of the sunday supplement
with Tannanarive Due and Dave Barry)

but i found this picture i took one night of MR. BRIAN COX,
and all the rest of them things there got shoved in a draw

i am biting off small tidbits and slowly chewing
them and chasing them
with a refreshing
nourishing liquid

of my choice



i finally found
the courage
to meet myself

only to find
i knew her all along

for she
has always been loving me


p.s. and we both agree that is too bad for gossips like us that Langston didn't know about Mrs. Buford D Bumpkin, Simple's Capesterre Wife.

patient #0430011567

patient# 0430011567
i don't know
if the happy
or pain
make you laugh
i make it up
to fill in the gaps
where i don't know
what happened
but need to forget
do i call it poetry
do i call it stress
i don't know
what the truth is
in the moments
chosen for me
to forget
what happened
it could all be


Am Drunker than a Mo'phukkah


DopE BwOi MaJesTiK
the prettiest liquor ever
try some