aint no mo' pain where Y'all gone

R.I.P ♰♥T♥BON♥♰ 4EVA

"sing out ma soul to the lord, for he alone understands.
sing out ma soul to the love above, for he will carry me on."

(from the CalypsoGospelSong that Radio ZIZ and Paradise played simultaneously the morning PaPa Bradshaw passed away. On the LP cover is A Woman with an Afro in profile and deep thought; a portrait Brown Sugared Caribbean Sunrise Landscape. The album is in Miami am in Seattle and I can't remmeber the name. Like that morning, We were both in the same house.)


hang on, dont let yourself go

Everybody Hurts - REM Live

only once the drugs are done

I Feel Like Dying Original

I feel like dying lyrics (lil wayne)

black-market, black-friday, blackmail, black-cat. BLACK WALL STREET got bombed, it never crashed.

(i, miss education)

Babyface Georgie Dancer

i want to tell HER
don't mind them

but i can't do what they do for HER
and replace them

i can't reach HER
except on The
Soul Plane

but what response to
cindy quashie, who?
(there is no
pop music fame in my last name)

i am sad like the loneliness
in HER eyes
and would be restricted by executives,
SHE does not abide

who can only stand HER
if SHE just stands and looks pretty
duct tapes HER mouth,
for rightful inquisition of clergy

and homosapien males
with Fortune to know LOVE-HER
front like puss
when others discover

Off HER Soul they have being feeding
Out HER Body hoping is they Child SHE breeding

while as The One, SHE nourishes them
they, as the other, do not likewise feed HER

and now the masses been long gather
dance on HER grave, steal HER Wonder

but if i wasn't such a
i wouldn't be sitting here crying
i would find a way to learn HER
to re-paint HER grays in
Atlantic Ocean Blue

(for i was 8 in
6th grade when i found out school was lying
so i dropped out, but punitive fears kept me attending

and a hand full of SmuggLAH$, who understand
got hip to the fact that that was only 0.1% of my reasoning
wise to my LOVE AFFAIR with
acquiring KNOWLEDGE and gaining UNDERSTANDING
they dreamed up assignments to keep me from dying of boredom)

many truly do not know the pain
of ONE who is PURE SOUL
and the desperation that squats in A Spirit
whose only true friends are
from long forgotten Homes

so no fault on you, if you be one of them
but you'll know HER seeking refuge when you see HER
let HER in

for those who understand
continue to do HER in
and is only ONE MAN, so far
i have heard singing

Praises to HER Songs Of FREEDOM.

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i am art
every millisecond
from moment of conception
i was art
and so remain
my essence eternal
will be artBROKE PIMP $TYLE$™, May 2009


May Day Labour

Kymani Marley - Warriors