lonely by myself alone

@fay0627 Good Morning Big Sis, b4 i begin with stuff you dont really need to read, but i need to let loose, i need footage of Ant's Band

and dont be all up in their business in the garage just because your name is on the mortgage either, THE PIT is 4 ARTISTES!

aiight here i go, there's an Author, Journalist and all around Woman extraordinaire @dreamhampton i rec u follow

for my understanding She spoke most prolifically in an article for Rap Pages abt Our Generation in America back in the 1990s

the context to the best of ma 'membering spoke to Us being shell-shocked by what we had witnessed & experienced in the 80s

this terrorist attack yesterday in The Capitol on Americans visiting The Holocaust Museum is what got me lonely by maself

2008 was ma 20th college anniversary, this is ma 25th high school, and the overwhelming numbers of displaced, wounded and dead

all came flooding back, has me engulfed and lost in a tidal wave of sorrow born out of my feeling hopeless then and now

and the mucking mess of talking heads, with 23.5 more hours to spew mindless chatter only serves to further grate ma BROKEN NERVES

in 1981, at 14, had i taken a water gun to any building in The nation's capitol, after four years on the 10th floor in Dade County

I would been transferred to West Dade fed to spend the other 21 years of my 25 to Life. & 3 years ago my parole woulda been denied

The Violence and Terror, Americans survived in the 1980s comes in second only to that from the Depression to the start of World War 2

the constant unrelenting excuses made for the Criminal and Terrorist activities and actions of those deemed classified as white

in America has always been too much for me to bear. The co-opting and mangling of movements and symbols by those bent on power

over the masses did not begin with the birth of Our America, but unfortunately is innate in Humen and has been so since 1st dawn

this Terrorist , von Brunn, who should have been tried and hung for treason in 1981, claims to be a member of The Ku Klux Klan

and under that umbrella, he justifies his desire to bring about the extinction of all "the mud babies." Like the others like him

none of them have a clue that The Ku Klux Klan began as a renegade force in response to A Republican Senator from Tennessee

who wrote an article in his news paper for the death on site of all who had fought against The Union, and this incited

full scale mob violence against all soldiers of the confederacy. Those bent on power steered the KKK and mobs killing into 1 group

then cranked up the venomous hatred and venom and thru use of Jim Crow redirected it towards Americans classified as

non-white-anglo-saxon-heterosexual-male-landowners belonging to APPROVED houses of Christian worship

keep in mind, even dw griffith and his birth of a nation, more later, did not and still do not fit this description

in my travels, i have been fortunate to engage many Good Folk in conversation, and i have found most who find Heritage and not

hatred in The Confederate flag, my personal thoughts aside, are indescribably disgusted with the ways the feel it is mis-used

the last 2 year long electoral cycle also provided for many opportunities to sit with, talk and listen to Americans that otherwise,

met or engaged in respectful, but genuinely passionate, principled discussions, about our past, the common ground of our present

and hope for a future where in AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL is not a dream but A living Reality. and this is where the dw griffiths of

and osama bin laden's of the world enter into the arena and play with Lives as if Life is a game

there are records, so it is so easy to do a comparison & contrast study of 1981 and 2009, to find more commonality than certain

power-trippers would have the masses acquire an understanding of that would lead us to establishing a knowledge base from which

we would become empowered to forge a counter-attack to this mucking mess of unrelenting terrorism plaguing us.

Good Folk been murdered in Houses of Worship, Service to Country Centers, Public Squares of Community Pride and Remembrance

and my feeling lonely all alone comes from this hitting me line the 1980s Part Deux, except with bigger guns and more apologists

Americans were Junk-bond'd in the 80s and now have been and are being AIG'd and Enron'd in the 21st Century's 1st decade.

I did not attend my class reunion last year and i will not this year, for My BROKEN NERVES have long lost the capacity to stand up

in or sit in the spaces next to those left empty for those missing. Crack, meth, Aids, Wars plagued Ma generation then as it does

now the generation of Our Offsprings. Civil Rights as guaranteed by The Constitution, Natural Herbal Medicines and Health care

for all elude Our OffSpring now as it did us then. I applaud all , who unlike ma whining punk-ass, fight now as they fought then

My Faith and belief in the victory of good over evil sustains me and is the reason I am coherent at this moment. But even and

especially such public expressions draw out fewls, too glad happy to disrespect Fallen Warriors like Officer Johns and the far

too large number of His Peers who returned to Us in flag-draped pine boxes. May All of Their valiant Sweet Souls Rest in Peace.

amma head back to bed 4 a bit b4 i gotta go to The Comm Ctr; the last thing i need right now is confinement for messing up the pg

I LUV U! and stay out THE PIT!

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