Rebel Without A Doubt

Sudden Maine
thank A got Mi a handle on whut it is intrigue Mi

how You do dat thurr
Catching Reality

wid no comprehension of concept
called apologize to authority

(who e'er dey thank dey be)
couldn't mean a dayum to thee

and that right thurr
is assuming it constituted the ions of Yah dna

which it don't
so it won't

so A ne'er did have to thank 'bout respecting Yah
'cause is A natural magnetism wid Mi and Y'all Rebel OUT (side unjust) LAW!

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**why is insanity so fucking pretty?** (think this the title)

only a daze
but the drown in haze
of the long winding maze
my efforts self labeled laze
as i fight off insanity with craze

somewhere inside
i know if am slipping to slide
i know if i trip off the cliff, use the wind glide
i know i am not alone, SHE is always at my side
'til i find that spot, i try to abide

it ain't the slumber
it's the silent thunder
of waking thoughts strewn asunder
clarity stuck under
unfocused misleading wonder

i hold on to this whether cool or clever
i am an artiste somewhat like a farmer
i hoe the row and plant however
whenever it says whyever
whichever and wherever

so until this bad moon done with its rose
amma resist the addiction it propose
amma spit words skyward hoping they fall back in ma nose
slide down thru to my lungs thru my throat
and let the breeze of new breathes right my boat

**why is insanity so fucking pretty?** (think this the title)
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Lou Dobbs and his hate groupies

CNN: LIVED EXPERIENCE EDITIONImage by margemont.robinson via Flickr

Lou Dobbs and his hate groupies

By now, CNN's Lou Dobbs, with his single-minded obsession over all things anti-immigrant and his bizarre embrace of the loony birther movement, is well known for trafficking in disturbing, misleading, and often inaccurate garbage. Escaping under the radar of many, however, are his close associations with an organization that has been described by experts as a "hate group."

On September 15 and 16, Dobbs is scheduled to appear at the "Hold Their Feet to the Fire" rally and legislative advocacy event in the nation's capital being thrown by the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR). These anti-immigrant zealots must be pleased as heavily spiked punch to have Dobbs helping out again this year, just as they were with his participation last year when it bragged in a press release that the CNN host's "prominence will add to the visibility and stature of [the] event."

Heck, they even gave Dobbs their first-ever "People's Voice Award" for his "continued efforts in leading the immigration reform movement through both his talk radio show and his television show." The award is no doubt nearly as coveted as the jingoistic fumes that seem to fuel both Dobbs and the organization.

So what exactly is FAIR, other than a conveniently misleading acronym?


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Reality Catcher: Privacy's Twilight: The Rise Of The Total Surveillance Society

"We may be the last generation that will have ever known privacy."

"Every day, we are one step closer to the Total Surveillance Society.
Every day, we lose a little more of that part of being human
that claims the right to be left alone, that knows freedom
from the prying eyes of the corporate state,
that has the boldness to claim some inner sanctum
where the all-seeing eyes of technology cannot penetrate."
-Reality Catcher-

Reality Catcher: Privacy's Twilight: The Rise Of The Total Surveillance Society

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