"We Gone Let The band Handle This" - Trick Daddy Dollar$, Liberty City, FL.

Anthony "GRAND MASTER ROC RAIDA" Williams, R*I*P*
May 18, 1972 – September 19, 2009
LIVE! from The TurnTabalist
B3$T Drummer$ Bur3au & .44 Chamb3rs of ¢omm3r¢c3 A$$o¢ation.

I am LOVE!

I believe Love is An Eternal Everlasting Essence.
A most priceless passion that does not cost a thing.

Though not an ideal, when expressed without questions or qualifiers,
it is the most perfect of humanity's imperfections.

The years and The Struggles have left most Hue-Men
thinking that Love is just two minutes of sexual intercourse.

I fight this theory with every breath I take.

I know not what tomorrow holds, but I do not want it to be holding me wishing
I had said I love you to someone that I care about and no longer can.

I reject in totality that Grown Males and Females cannot be Friends and Love each other.

I believe that it is possible to Love and be in Love with someone's Soul.
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