being unique is so lonely

(how can i remember someone who never knew me)

see like all the others
(especially those
who voted me most popular)
you liked the fact
i listened when you spoke

and enjoyed the comfort
of dismissing me as deep
whenever i attempted
to utter my notes

i liked the fact
that the one way void
meant i wasn't alone

but right now
like right then
i am lonely for someone to at least
hear my word

for it matters not
if i am ALONE
or surrounded by thousands of HUMEN

the wind already rhymed to me before
about "soul's within"

and i clung to that
as definition of the pain i was am still in

i am lonely

so lonely
i have developed agraphobia

(so there's another option
accept it as my life chore)

but humen still come around me
'cause they say i am nice
sweet, wonderful, smart
full of great advice

but all i beg for from them
as i did from you
is to include me
in your socializing
without insisting

i be just like you

since that seems unlikely
and lonely is now my job
i name my company


a benjamin before each five minutes
(oh, and A ain't running no tabs)

my paypal id is
C.B.D (cash before devouring) only

i believe.......I LOVE!

i believe

humanity and all in humanity

is for

humanity and all in humanity

to share





you mock me
because you can't

for it takes true passion
you know you lack

so go on and die
because i will never cry
for you

i said i cry easy,
not cheap