TweetBLOG 01.04.10 04:43PM PST

  1. and in so doing it is my hope that The heavens Bless me with the Strength to now go and lQQK in my mirror. ~BROKE~
  2. this is not a new year's resolution, it is ljust me tweeting to myself, about where i am, what troubles me and hoping to find the light
  3. A Nation of Free and Brave Men ruled by moral and Just laws, one that it is in my ablility, through my living can ensure Progresses on
  4. that is not within my able to affect, what i can do is not afford Him any respect or accord due A former Vice president of A TRUE DEMOCRACY
  5. so it matters not to me, if Cheney like so many War Criminals before Him skirts a court of Justice to answer for His wrongs
  6. i am still scared, but i rose up from my comfortable chair understanding "i gotta keep on moving"
  7. none the less, i was left sitting alone with myself and getting on my nerves with my not facing what i must if i was to move on
  8. it is a most difficult task to do as mJ sang, "lQQk in the mirror" and "ask (Her0 to change her ways"
  9. and upon that reflection, i found why i was afraid to lQQK back and review 2000-2009
  10. tangled in conversations akin to circular gunfire, when in fact all of us just intend for the other to know, we think these actions unjust
  11. George the Bush and Richard The Dick, ensured that the 21st century's decade would be one where the Globe masses would become
  12. on an agenda, it really had never left, but by making villians of everyone of one of the three so-called major world religions
  13. a time when the appointed boy-king and his father's bestie ruled as if the Christian Crusades to convert the world's non-believers was back
  14. in this same nation, regardless for civil rights set aside in the name of, on what irony, justice
  15. but then i realized that a decade that begun with the world's second largest democracy having an election stolen from its People
  16. and as we face this second decade i think it might do some good to reflect collectively as we move forward
  17. on every level of Human experience Our Country and Our World changed in everyway imaginable
  18. i have been wondering for more than a week why no focus on the last decade, afterall it was the first of the 21st Century
  19. babble that does nothiing but belittle America, Americans and put US and our Country on a dangerous path
  20. NOW, for the sake of commercial ratings, they will leave a sick child alone at night to join Cheney in His bunk for babble
  21. yet the media, posing as something called a "4th Estate" in bowing to Him, did not pursue any answers to out lingering inquiries
  22. We were then, and still are, entitled to explanations for actions he quthorized and executed in Our Collective name
  23. for 8 uears Dick Cheney sat appointed by #SCOTUS in the White House refusing to see The American People as anything other than serfs
  24. To treat Dick Cheney as A Former Vice-President instead of A War Criminal is moral incomprehensible and unAmerican.
  25. if i was a dog, i would go to Ron Christie's house to learn unearned loyalty and blind obedience.

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